Just last month, Twitter announced it would make it possible for anyone to send a user of their service a direct message as long as you’re following them. This idea is certainly a departure from the current method of direct messaging, which requires both parties to follow one another. The new feature was said to be slowly rolled out and accessed through a user’s settings, although it looks like Twitter has put the kibosh on this option.

The direct messaging feature was only available for a little over a month, but Twitter has decided to take a couple of silent steps backwards and remove the option within a user’s settings to enable this feature. This means that you’ll no longer be able to accept direct messages from anyone following you that you’re not also following back, which is certainly the way we’re sure many Twitter users like to keep their experience.

Twitter has yet to make any mention of the removal of this option from its users’ accounts, although the company did say in the past the direct messaging feature was a feature that was currently being tested. We guess Twitter didn’t receive the greatest feedback for this test feature, although we’d prefer to keep direct messages the way they’ve always been.

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