Over the past few weeks we have heard multiple times that Verizon is going to launch a new affordable 7 inch tablet soon, the first product to come from a new line of devices called Ellipsis. Today Verizon Ellipsis 7 tablet has been officially announced, and it is indeed the first such device from an entirely new lineup of devices. Big Red hasn’t detailed exactly what kind of devices will be released under the Ellipsis brand in the future, for now we just have to make do with the Ellipsis 7 tablet.

Verizon hasn’t revealed the specifications of Ellipsis 7, but it says that the tablet has a 7 inch HD display, front and rear facing cameras, compatibility with Verizon’s 4G LTE network and an almost vanilla version of Android Jelly Bean. Ellipsis 7 also comes with Verizon Messages app which will allow users to send and receive text messages, the tablet includes access to RedBox instant streaming service, allowing users to watch movies wherever they please. Off contract, the tablet costs $249.99. Customers who have no problem tying themselves to a two year contract can get the Ellipsis 7 for $149.99, for a limited time only. The tablet will be available for purchase online and in the carrier’s retail stores from November 7th.

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