Microsoft has announced that it will no longer support Xbox Video on Windows Phone 7 and Zune. What this means is that any content previously purchased from Xbox Video will no longer be playable on Zune devices, Windows Phone 7 devices and through the Zune PC software. Microsoft pulls the plug in “late February.” Ownership of the content will not change even after support is dropped, customers will continue to own the content that they have purchased through Xbox Video.

The company says that this decision is a result of an update that it is going to make to its video catalog in February 2014. It offers little details about this update, only saying that it will allow the company to “more quickly and efficiently” add high quality video content to the Xbox Video service. Since customers will continue to own their content, they can watch it through a variety of other mediums, such as the website on PC and Mac. Xbox Video can also be accessed on the company’s consoles Xbox One and Xbox 360, Windows Phone 8 smartphones as well as Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 powered PCs and tablets. Just last week Microsoft released an updated version of the Xbox Video app for Windows 8.1 PCs and tablets.

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