eco-mobiusThe idea of a modular handset is not new at all, where just a couple of months back, we talked about the Phonebloks concept that certainly stoked the interest of many. Well, it seems that China-based ZTE Corporation might be on to something this time around with a conceptual idea of a possible modular smartphone. This conceptual device is known as the ZTE Eco-Mobius, and it sure as heck does seem to look pretty sweet, even picking up Red Dot Design Award along the way. Right at the heart of the Eco-Mobius, it will feature a quartet of main modules – the display, core, camera and battery.

It is different from Phonebloks as it does not use snap-on modules, but rather, you slide in the Eco-Mobius modules slide into place using tracks. The various components within each module including the CPU, GPU and RAM can also be attached magnetically. Everything about the ZTE Eco-Mobius has been specially designed to be replaceable and swappable so that wastage is reduced. One thing is for sure, this is one conceptual smartphone that we would like to see make a debut in the real world, and hopefully, at an affordable price point, too. ZTE, are you listening in on our cries?

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