While most developers have been more than happy to get their iOS 7 optimized apps out there, there are still plenty of apps in the iTunes App Store which have yet to be updated to be in line with either the iOS 7 look, or optimized for the latest operating system. Sometimes it’s because the apps are developed by third-party developers for companies such as banks, so the update isn’t necessarily in their control, but it looks like they will have to speed things up because in a notice issued by Apple to all of its iOS developers, starting from 1st February 2014, all app submissions and app updates must be optimized to run on iOS 7.

However this does not mean that apps need to resemble iOS 7 and adopt its flatter and more minimalist look. After all this is entirely up to the developers themselves, but in terms of features and compatibility, the app will need to play nicely with Apple’s latest operating system, and possibly with the 64-bit architecture that Apple introduced with the iPhone 5s and its A7 chipset. For those who don’t keep up with Apple’s new guidelines, well safe to say they can expect their apps/updates to be rejected. We suppose this is also good news for users who can expect to have iOS 7 optimized apps in the near future.

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