If you know anything about China, we’re sure you’re aware the country has been struggling with smog for several years now, with residents in some cities even reporting the smog smells, can make it hard to breathe or even cause cancer. Chinese officials have been looking at ways to alleviate their ongoing smog problems, and they believe artificial rain may be the answer.

The China Meteorological Administration is planning to allow local weather authorities to use cloud seeding in order to create artificial rain, which they are hoping would clear the smog. Whether or not it’ll actually work is something that is yet to be seen as the initiative to battle their smog through the use of artificial rain is expected to go live in 2015.

China is taking its smog problem very seriously as this particular initiative is just part of a $227 billion investment the country is making in order to help combat the problem. Artificial rain may seem like a good idea, but we guess we’ll have to wait until China launches this initiative in 2015 to see if it can help clear the terrible smog the country has experienced for years.

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