dhl-droneAmazon has certainly raised a fair number of eyebrows recently with its Amazon Prime Air delivery system, and it does seem as though Amazon has ruffled the feathers of its competitors somewhat. Since their announcement, we have covered news concerning UPS performing research into delivery drones, while the folks over at Deutsche Post DHL have successfully completed their first successful drone delivery yesterday, where a robotic craft as seen above managed to deliver its 3kg medicine package to the intended recipient.

Coming in a shade of yellow that is unmistakably DHL’s signature shade, the “Paketkopter” managed to make its way across the skies at a height of 50 meters across the Rhine, where it managed to carry the package from a pharmacist in Bonn to the DHL head office that was located roughly 1km away. DHL manager Ole Nordhoff shared, “We are at the beginning of the research project. It is an exciting bit of technology.” Ultimately, do you think that drones will make it big in the delivery service market segment? Why not use drones to deliver pizzas and other kinds of food, too? There is a danger of someone actually bot-napping the delivery drone in order to gain access to its contents, but I guess companies would cross that particular bridge when the time comes.

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