docomo-safetyWith the number of engaging apps on our mobile devices these days, it is extremely easy to get “lost” in them. For instance, just pay attention to any metropolitan area by sitting at the sidewalk with a cuppa, and see how many people actually do not really see where they are going. Rather, they would most probably be holding their smartphone with one or both hands, texting or sending some sort of update, or even talking on their mobiles, all without paying much attention to what is going on around. In fact, you can say that the minimal amount of attention is used to prevent bumping into another person on the street, but that’s about that. Docomo of Japan has something to offer that might just signal the end of texting while walking.

Bsically, Docomo intends to offer a “safety mode” that Android users can choose to activate if they want to. For those who enable this mode, a message will appear if you attempt to make use of your smartphone while walking. This message would read, “Using your smartphone while walking is dangerous. The phone senses you are walking. Please stop.” Should you choose the path of willful ignorance and tap “close”, you will be given another 10 seconds of use, while pressing the power button would result in another 5 more seconds of use before the device turns off.

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