ceciliaabadieGoogle Glass is a piece of wearable technology that has definitely captured the attention and minds of many people ever since it was announced. In fact, it was not too long ago when we talked about how a Seattle restaurant actually evicted its patron for wearing Google Glass, citing that other guests might not be comfortable with the idea that their photos and video could be captured unknowingly. This time around, we have a certain Cecilia Abadie who pleaded not guilty in a traffic court to charges of speeding and distracted-driving while wearing a pair of Google Glass.

Abadie, who is 44, is widely touted to be the first driver in the US to pick up a ticket for wearing Google Glass when she is behind the wheel. Considering how Google Glass has not made the jump to being commercially available to the masse, Abadie happens to be an “explorer” who decided to give the product a go. On October 29th, she was stopped by a California Highway Patrol officer, where she was informed that she should not be driving a vehicle “if a television receiver, a video monitor, or a television or video screen” happens to be visible. Abadie intends to testify that her Google Glass was turned off while she was driving. What do you think the outcome of the court case would be?

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