new-fb-buttonsEarlier this morning, we talked about how the redesigned Facebook news feed might not jive with just about everyone (hey, do you know how difficult it is to please every Tom, Dick and Harry? Ask the politicians, and they will relate their experiences to you), but hopefully the latest staggered rollout of their new “Like” and “Share” buttons will be a pleasing experience for most. The new designs ought to be made visible across all websites that make use of the buttons, and these are subtle changes, mind you, and not something that will look out of the ordinary the moment you lay your eyes on it.

Facebook mentioned over in a blog post that the new look for the buttons has managed to achieve the objective of increasing the overall number of Likes and Shares by more than 5% ever since the rollout kicked off in November. The blog post mentioned, “Based on these results, we’ve rolled out the new design to everyone and extended it to the Follow and Like Box plugins as well.” Of course, I am also quite sure that this kind of generalization does not hold true for all users, but who knows? Facebook has also performed a change to its recently launched embedded posts feature, letting users set the width of any post that they like to embed to a website, ranging from 330 pixels all the way to a far wider 750 pixels.

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