flickr-embedFlickr has the strong belief that taking, sharing and discovering photos is a daily habit for humans, and this means that they will not rest on their laurels at all. Flickr has just announced that they will be introducing a new web embedding feature, making life a whole lot easier to add full-bleed Flickr photos and videos into your personal websites, stories, and blogs. Just how does all of this affect you, and will it be for the better or for the worse? First of all, when embedded, your photos and videos will be shown with their full title as well as your Flickr name accompanying it. Since attribution is extremely important to Flickr, it will embed such details to itself automatically.

Apart from that, Flickr will also track of views of embedded photos and videos from external sites in Flickr stats, giving you a better sense on just how popular your photos are in reality. Not only that, Flickr has respect for your copyrights and privacy, where it will be available only for publicly shared photos, and private photos will still remain private, accessible only to those whom you have authorized to share with. Last but not least, Flickr Web Embeds are also contextual and interactive, giving you a magnificent full-screen viewing experience for the photos on your site, and they promise never to compress or resize your images. [Press Release]

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