For a while now, Flickr had offered users of its free tier 1TB of free photo storage. However that has changed as last week, the company announced that its 1TB storage offer would be coming to an end, and that instead of offering its free users 1TB of data, they will only be offering them a maximum of 1,000 photos per account.

This has led to some wondering what this could mean for institutions who use Flickr to share and store their photos, and according to Flickr, they have clarified that these storage changes will not affect institutions that upload photos under The Flickr Commons and Creative Commons will not be deleted (assuming that these organizations do not subscribe to Flickr’s paid tiers).

According to Flickr, “No. And once more for good measure: no, Commons photos are not being deleted. The Flickr Commons photos (those uploaded by the archival, governmental, etc. institutions we are working with) are safe. We are extremely proud of these partnerships. These photos won’t be deleted as a result of any of our announced changes. The only reason they’d disappear is if the organization that uploaded them decided to delete them.”

As for non-profit organizations, Flickr has asked such organizations to submit a form to them with information about their organization and what they do where they will review these requests which could potentially result in a free Flickr Pro account.

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