iphone-7-plus-dual-camera-BWith our smartphones sporting more-than-capable cameras, taking a photo on the go has become extremely easy. Just whip out your phone, fire up the camera app, and you’re good to go. This is compared to before where users had to bring around cameras which weren’t exactly convenient unless you had a reason for doing so.

This explains why according to Flickr’s annual data, smartphones continue to dominate its photo-sharing platform and account for 48% of devices used to capture and share videos. “Smartphones accounted for 48% of the photos uploaded to Flickr, up from 39% last year. DSLR was 25%, down from 31% in 2015, and point and shoot was 21%, down from 25% in 2015. Mirrorless remained flat at 3% of photos uploaded in 2016.”

In fact Flickr claims that smartphones are so dominant that out of its top 10 devices, 8 of them belong to Apple’s iPhone lineup. The top 3 positions also belong to Apple with the iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, and the iPhone 6s. Following Apple’s iPhones, Flickr says that Canon is the second largest brand and accounted for 24%, with the Canon 5D Mark III and 5D Mark II being the remaining two cameras in the top 10 list that aren’t made by Apple.

Of course this list and stats by no means disparages the capabilities of other smartphone cameras. In fact blind tests have found that there are phones out there that can take better photos than the iPhone, but we guess as far as Flickr’s platform is concerned, the iPhone continues to reign supreme.

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