raku rakuBack in 2012, Fujitsu revealed a device in Japan called the Raku Raku, which was essentially a smartphone targeted towards the elderly. Given that most phones these days seem to focus more on crisp displays and sharp images, we guess in the process we forget that there are older folks who use smartphones too whose eyesight might not be what it used to be. Fujitsu attempted to expand outside of Japan with the Raku Raku smartphone and launched in France and apparently the device was quite a hit amongst the senior crowd of French carrier, Orange, to the point where Fujitsu has recently announced their plans to expand the availability of the Raku Raku smartphone to more parts of Europe.


According to Fujitsu’s chief executive, Masami Yamamoto, there were additional carriers in Europe who had approached the company after learning about the phone’s success on Orange. “We started off by offering it on a limited basis to French customers (in June), but orders have been so strong we have started to expand nationwide. The next step would be across Europe and of course we want to sell it worldwide.” 

While Fujitsu making a loss as far as their mobile phones are concerned, the company has its feet planted and are looking more at the long-term, where Yamamoto thinks that there is a chance that companies such as Apple and Samsung could become irrelevant, and where Fujitsu would then be able to take over.

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