rsz_iphone-6-wraparoundWhile smartphone displays were always important, it is safe to say that after the Retina Display that debuted on the iPhone 4 that things really began to kick off, with different tech companies competing against each other for the best display, the display with the highest resolution, and displays that could pack the highest pixel density. Android manufacturers have been making pretty big strides in that area, featuring Full HD displays to even 2K displays, which to date has left Apple pretty much in the dust. Of course there are other factors apart from resolution, such legibility in sunlight, color reproduction, and etc., and thanks to an Apple patent discovered by Apple Insider, we might have an idea of what to expect in future iOS devices.

The patent covers a display that makes use of quantum dots, which according to Apple Insider, has been described as nanocrystals, which are “in some cases smaller than a virus – made from various semiconductor materials that exhibit special quantum mechanical characteristics.” Apple Insider goes on to note that quantum dots are “Of interest to display makers, as well as other industries in the optics field, are QDs’ light-emitting properties. Specifically, the material can be “tuned,” or manufactured, to emit very narrow spectrums of light.”

We’re not sure what the end result of such a display could look like, but we reckon it’s about time that Apple did something about its iPhone displays. What do you guys think? Will we be seeing a big change in display come the iPhone 6?

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