googlemusic-uploadAt this point in time, should you wish to upload your digital songs over to Google Play Music, it is not quite as straightforward a process as “drag and drop”. First of all, you will need to download Music Manager, which is an application that will hook itself into your computer’s hard drive, allowing you to transfer selected audio files over to Google’s storage cloud space. Of course, there will always be moments when you do not wish to download and add on another software to your computer simply because you are running out of space, or are sick and tired of managing so many software already, so what are you to do then?

The unofficial Google system blog has come up with some potentially good news. Down the road, there is a very real possibility of you uploading songs straight from the browser, now how about that? This was speculated after gleaning the source code over in Google Play Music, where it does point to such through a dialog description text which reads, “Drag songs or folders here to add music to your library. Or, if you prefer, select from your computer.” It remains to be seen whether Google will take the actual step of implementing browser uploads for its Music service, but the line of code surely points out that Google might be toying with this idea.

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