While Honda might be primarily known as a manufacturer of vehicles, the Japanese company has started to take an interest in smartphones lately, and while Honda does not appear to be planning a smartphone of their own, it does appear that the company has thought about protection and have created a concept case for smartphones known as the Case N. This venture by Honda seems pretty serious, although at this point in time it is merely a concept and we doubt Honda has any plans to put it into production, and more importantly we’re not sure who might need such as casing.

The Case N by Honda is basically a box for your smartphone where upon you dropping the phone to the floor, the sensors in the case will be able to pick that up and deploy tiny air bags made from the same material that you can find in your car’s air bags! The protection is a little exaggerated and we can only imagine how troublesome it would be to repack the air bags every time you accidentally drop your phone to the floor, but it’s still a pretty interesting idea, albeit rather novel. Like we said we can’t tell if Honda is merely trying to be funny or if they’re seriously demonstrating a concept, but if you have a few minutes to spare, you can check out the Honda smartphone Case N in the video above.

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