jolla-europeJolla’s smartphone which was first announced in May earlier this year, began to hit the markets at the end of last month, where it is accompanied by a €399 price tag alongside shipping expenses that amount to €15 a pop. Apparently, the initial stock of Jolla smartphones sold out in a jiffy over in Finland (although it would most probably be unable to rival the Xiaomi Mi3’s selling rate over in China), and we are glad to say that the Jolla online store is now live, and has made sure that the smartphone itself is in stock for those who live in EU countries, Norway, and Switzerland included.

For those who happen to live in different regions, fret not – the Jolla smartphone is tipped to roll out in additional regions next year to boot. Jolla has so far gotten off on a pretty decent footing with its Sailfish OS, considering how the current mobile market is dominated by Apple’s iOS as well as Google’s Android. After all, Jolla knows a thing or two about smartphones, having been founded by ex-Nokia employees who were not too pleased with Nokia working on Windows Phone some time back. If you happen to live in an area that supports Jolla, would you pick it up? [Press Release (PDF Link)]

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