Snapchat is a very popular product. It gained immense popularity soon after it launched, the idea was to let people share Snaps that self-destruct after a few seconds, time limit was decided by the sender. Snapchat is still very much like that, and it thrives more than ever on the goofy and raunchy antics of its users who know that the Snaps will not be saved by the app on the recipient’s device, unless they take a screenshot or a picture with a secondary camera. However, the latest update adds a new feature called “Replay” which gives recipients a second chance to view a video or photo sent through the service provided that the app hasn’t been closed and another Snap hasn’t been received.


Through Replay, users have the ability to view the last Snap that they received for a second time. While the feature doesn’t completely erode Snapchat’s model of self-destructing Snaps, it does contradict the very foundation of this service. This isn’t the first time that the company has gone down this road though, back in October it launched a new feature called Stories which lets users share Snaps publicly or with their friends that can be viewed for unlimited times in 24 hours, after which they are automatically deleted. Right now the Replay feature is buried inside the additional services menu and the app descriptions don’t exactly offer much detail about it. The updated Snapchat apps, which come with additional new features as well, are available now from App Store and Google Play Store.

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