LG-105-inch-105UB9Is bigger necessarily better? The folks over at LG certainly think so when it comes to their TVs, having announced that they will unveil the 105” LG Curved Ultra HD TV at CES 2014 which is happening in slightly more than a fortnight’s time. This is a world’s first, considering how it comes with a 21:9 aspect ratio, and with the groundbreaking 105” size when measured diagonally, you know for sure that the 105UB9 is all set to be the officially largest curved TV ever made to date. LG did venture into such territory before, hitting the 77” curved OLED TV in September earlier this year, and to see the leap made to 105” is certainly nothing short of breathtaking.

LG claims that the 105UB9’s cinematically proportioned 21:9 CinemaScope screen makes it perfect for you to skip the cinemas and just stay at home to watch your favorite movies after they have been released on Blu-ray, right in the comfort of your own bean bag. Apart from that, such a wide screen allows users to access viewing information on the side of the screen without having any of the menus block the on-screen action. The LG 105UB9 will come with a whopping 11 million pixel (5120 x 2160) screen resolution, and do expect this bad boy to cost a pretty penny when it arrives. Of course, we have seen larger displays before like 150″ monsters from Panasonic and Mitsubishi, but those run on now-ancient technology and certainly do not boast of such high resolution.

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