Is there a future for Microsoft’s Bing? The answer is of course, a resounding yes! In fact, it was not too long ago when Microsoft rolled out a Bing Maps preview edition for Windows 8.1 users, where users were able to enjoy various features including full 3D photographic maps for 70 worldwide cities among others. Well, it seems that there are more changes that are in the pipeline for Bing Maps down the road.

Apparently, Bing Maps intends to enhance one’s mapping experiences a whole lot more in the future, with a vision for maps where everything will be annotated with useful information, among them including just what buildings are called, the kind of stores that are located within, a way to get in touch with such stores, as well as the time that the stores are open. The additional and deeper level of integration into maps will hopefully make digital maps a whole lot more useful compared to what is currently offered, but it does not sound as though this highly ambitious plan will be introduced anytime in the near future. Microsoft did state at the end though, “Moving forward, you will see us mapping more of everything – both the web and the real world.” [Press Release]

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