mit-3d-trackingI am quite sure that some of us grew up thinking that having the ability to see through walls, basically Superman’s X-ray vision, would be the best superpower ever, without realizing that you would be far better off being a telepath, knowing everyone’s thoughts so that you can plan your next move in any corporate takeover. Well, MIT has developed not a biological solution, but a technological one, with their new 3D motion-tracking system which is capable of seeing you even if you are behind a window. The device itself will not be as intrusive as the Microsoft Kinect in the sense where there is no need for a camera, and neither do you need to wear any other pieces of technology.

In fact, this 3D motion-tracking system will solely rely on a wireless network, not to mention your genetic make up that allows you to bounce back all of the radio waves sent in your direction. The radio signals are relatively weak though, where it is tipped to be around 1,000 times less powerful compared to that of a regular smartphone, and 100x less than a standard Wi-Fi network, reflecting off your body and read by a trio of transceivers so that your final location is determined. [Project Page]

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