nsa-data-miningJust how powerful are the folks over at the NSA? Well, there are plenty of whispers on the ground that seem to point towards the NSA being able to listen in to dosmestic calls by “accident” when it comes to roaming confusion, but a report from Spiegel does carry a whole lot more seriousness to the situation. Spiegel, a German news magazine, did mention that they have managed to catch hold of evidence with their own eyes that the NSA has the capabilities to peer into your smartphones for crucial data such as SMS traffic, location data, and the all important contact list information among others.

These particular claims were purportedly outlined in internal NSA documents, and they tend to point out specifically to iOS and BlackBerry devices as targets. In fact, it has been speculated also in the report that the NSA has the ability to access iPhone data through the act of hacking a recently synchronized PC. BlackBerry access, however, might not be as complicated as it takes a far more direct route, as Spiegel reports the very real possibility of the NSA tapping straight into the BlackBerry email system. When contacted concerning such serious allegations, BlackBerry officials informed Spiegel that it would not give any comments on such allegations, but rather, assured Spiegel that the company has not opened up a “back door” to the NSA. Who are we to believe as consumers these days?

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