Paintball is a pretty straightforward game in which you scout out your opponents and shoot them with your paintball gun. You hit your target, they’re out and you win, simple as that. However it seems that one particular startup company has decided that even a classic game of paintball needs upgrading in the technology front and are looking to bring Call of Duty-like technology into the game. As you guys know, Call of Duty is a video game but it does sport features such as maps that lets you know where you are, where your team mates are, and etc. That’s one of the features that Innovis Labs is hoping to bring to the paintball arena with their Indiegogo project for a piece of technology called Project Overwatch.

By attaching their smartphone to their paintball guns, it will allow players to track realtime movements of players on the map. The company’s CEO, a certain 17-year old Josh Moody, believes that with Project Overwatch, it will allow the bridging of the gap between real world and digital world gaming. Apart from just mapping out player locations, Project Overwatch will also allow gamers to communicate with each other via voice chat, and will also come with features that allows gamers to jam the radar of the opposing team. It will also allow “commanders” to coordinate attacks from a remote location, such as from the sidelines or even at home lying on the couch.

It is a pretty amazing idea and could take paintball games to new heights, but as to whether it’s worth fixing what ain’t broke remains to be seen. As it stands the project is seeking funding via Indiegogo and has managed to raise almost $4,000 out of its $50,000 goal at this time of writing, so if you’d like to learn more or pledge a donation, hit up its Indiegogo page for the details.

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