malware-airThe digital world has its fair share of benefits, but do be aware that there are also dangers and pitfalls to look out for as well. Computer viruses as well as malware have evolved over the years, that even the mobile platform is not spared. Well, researchers have come up with another way that would certainly prove to be a headache for network administrators everywhere – through the creation of a proof-of-concept software which will be able to spread from one machine to another using audio signals via integrated speakers and microphones. This would certainly put a dent to the notion that computers that remain isolated from a network cannot be infected by malware.

I guess with this research, it would mean the reliability of the “air gap” is no longer a surefire security measure used to ensure that sensitive information remains well protected. Inaudible audio signals were transmitted in small amounts of data over covert channels, with distances touching 65 feet even. So much for a missing Internet connection being enough of a deterrent against malware. The researchers behind this proof-of-concept did warn that attackers could arm the malware with keyloggers so that sensitive information can be recorded. They shared, “The concept of a covert acoustical mesh network renders many conventional security concepts useless, as acoustical communications are usually not considered.” Now what, an isolated computer to be placed in a sound-proof room?

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