I am quite sure that most of us in the corporate world would have read about Dilbert and his pointy haired boss who has no clue, but somehow managed to make it all the way to the top of the organization. We have seen our fair share of telepresence robots in the past which come in handy, especially when it concerns a child being able to attend a classroom while being at home. With the Double telepresence robot (which we saw in action at Macworld 2013), the boss’ face will feature on the iPad’s display, moving up and around the office.

The Double telepresence robot is different from dialing into a conference call over the phone or making use of a webcam for meetings, as it literally allows you to be physically present in the office – sorta. Of course, one might think of one’s boss as Darth Vader, who is more machine than man as explained in the Star Wars movies. Do you find it to be a rather startling and uncomfortable experience of having your boss coming near your work area on wheels? Perhaps the lack of sensitivity on the microphone would mean it cannot pick up all of the water cooler gossip that is circulating around the office.

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