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ANA Demonstrates Cutting-Edge Telepresence Tech
ANA, a major Japanese Airline, is throwing its weight behind telepresence technologies such as avatar-style robots, but also advanced technology that can relay much more than mere visual and audio information. We are CEATEC 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

BallReady: Telepresence For Dog Owners
Dogs can be great companions. Often called Man’s best friend, they have become the object of much affection by their masters who treat them more like kids than pets sometime. However, the reality is that pet owners go to work, and dogs don’t have much entertainment during the day.Worse, some studies have suggested that dogs can feel distress or anxiety when left at home alone. The level of stress seems […]

Polycom RealPresence in the new Anybots Q(X) Virtual Presence
Last week I was invited to Polycom’s annual Holiday event where the Anybots Q(X) Virtual Presence was shown for the first time. We all remember Anybots cute QB robot that featured a very small display and 2 big “eyes” where the camera was hidden.The new Q(X) is going away from the human-like shape and features a relatively austere form factor; however we can appreciate the large display that delivers a […]

Robot Boss Lacks Pointy Hair
I am quite sure that most of us in the corporate world would have read about Dilbert and his pointy haired boss who has no clue, but somehow managed to make it all the way to the top of the organization. We have seen our fair share of telepresence robots in the past which come in handy, especially when it concerns a child being able to attend a classroom while […]


Doctor Visits Can Now Be Done On iOS, Android Devices For Only $49
Unless you live in a jungle somewhere, we’re sure you’ve gone through the experience of visiting a doctor. You’re forced to sit among other sick patients for hours just to get poked and prodded, sometimes resulting in the doctor telling you “Just walk it off.” You could have spent your time doing something better, which is why American Well is launching a new service that allows you to see a […]

iRobot Ava 500 Telepresence Robot With Cisco Video Endpoint
iRobot Ava 500 | iRobot has just launched the new Ava 500 telepresence robot which can project one's presence to a remote site.

Kubi an affordable and ingenious telepresence solution
Telepresence is a powerful concept that Kubi intends to introduce to the masses. In short, The idea is that a physical object can “project” your presence to a different location. There are various implementation, including in science fiction movies like Surrogates where folks have full-blown cyborg bodies, but in the real world, there are products like Anybots, E-One, Justin and other rather expensive ($15,000 for Anybots) options. In fact, while most […]

Polycom UC Board
Polycom, an enterprise-grade video conferencing provider, unveiled UC Board, a digital whiteboard solution that integrates with its existing services.The Polycom UC Board combines a plug-and-play receiver and a wireless stylus that transforms whiteboard or LCD monitors into an interactive video whiteboard space. (picture below)Meeting participants use the stylus to write or sketch on the screen or whiteboard on top of a shared presentation; it acts just like a pen. For […]

Samsung telepresence booths to change the future of shopping?
At the Samsung Mobilization event today, Samsung unveiled their new 3D communication kiosk that makes use of TelePresence Technology. It renders 2D images that float and rotate in space, allowing users to see every angle of a product they are interested in. If you’ve always felt cheated by products you purchased online because of how they end up on your doorstep not looking like the photographs, these kiosks should be […]

The Elfoid is one freaky looking telepresence robot
Another day, another Japanese robot baby. A Japanese roboticist, Hiroshi Ishiguro, just unveiled a new robot baby today called the Elfoid. This miniature anthropomorphic robot has the face and arms of a baby and is the size of a cellphone. It is a telepresence robot, that transmits your presence from one Elfoid to another through the use of a motion-capture system and a microphone to record your voice. Whatever you […]

DIY your own telepresence robot for $500
We’d all love to have our own personal robot avatar to buy scones for us, but our bank account doesn’t seem in favor of that. If you’re in the same boat but have some fancy DIY skills, you could solve the issue yourself, which is what someone out there decided to do. Johnny Chung Lee, who is well known for some Wiimote and Kinect hacking, has come up with a […]

AnyBots QB shipping out this week
The telepresence business robots what we first reported on during the middle of last year are finally making its way to customers worldwide. AnyBots, creator of the QB telepresence robots have announced that customers who have pre-ordered the QB will be receiving their orders this week and customers who purchase them today will receive them in March. The AnyBots QB is a robot that allows you to attend meetings and […]

The R.Bot 100 lets your kids learn from home
In today’s installment of robots we wished we had when we were younger, we have the R.Bot 100. The R.Bot 100 is a telepresence robot that can act as a stand in for someone who can’t be there. Users control the R.Bot 100 using a laptop or a smartphone with an installed app or simple web browser interface. With the use of headphones and a microphone, users can communicate through […]

Telepresence teachers in Korean classrooms to increase next year
Korean officials are pretty happy with the success of their educational robotics program which was recently completed successfully in the form of a 14-week pilot program. All 29 robots that were placed across 21 schools, costing $1.4 million in total, will help supplement language lessons by native speakers in order to check on a student’s progress. While this doesn’t mean that English human teachers will be out of job in […]

Holographic Telecommuting to Become Reality Thanks to U. of Arizona
University of Arizona researchers have devised a holographic display that can show 3D videos in real time. Previously, 3D holographs were static images, but the research at the U. of Arizona can “project a color 3D image onto a sheet of special plastic using a fast-flashing laser. The image can be updated once every two seconds, fast enough to give a sense of movement,” according to Wired. The best part […]

Telenoid R1 is scarier than Teletubbies
Just in case you thought that Teletubbies were the scariest things your kid could ever come across, we’d suggest you add the Telenoid R1 to your list as well. Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro and the researchers at ATR came up with this telepresence android that tips the scales at 5kg while measuring 80cm in length, boasting just half a torso that seems to taper off into a ghost-like figure. To creep […]

Is Anybots QB the first surrogate?
Anybots, a robotics company is launching QB, a robot that the company describes as “the first professional-quality mobile proxy robot”. Yes, this robot will be representing you while you are video conferencing in that Monday morning meeting, and it let you roam around the office from a remote location. I test drove the QB for a few minutes, and I have to admit that I was impressed by the relatively […]