roll-royce-fish-carrier-1As the world’s population grows, so does our consumption of food. From what used to be fish freshly caught in the ocean or in rivers, have turned into farms where said fish are bred for consumption. Some might argue that this is not the “real deal” or that it is considered inhumane, but at the same time due to the location of where these fishes, such as salmon, may be caught naturally, building a processing plant to process the caught fishes would not be ideal or impossible. This is why the folks at Rolls-Royce have decided to go back to the good old days, some two-thousand years ago, where fishes were actually transported on boats alive.

According to reports, Rolls-Royce will be responsible for design and equip a ship that will basically be a transporter for live fish, where fish can be transported live and in a more humane way, to processing plants. In a way it does sound kind of silly but we guess this is probably one of the better solutions to date. The ship will measure 75.8m long and will be able to hold 450 tonnes of live fish comfortably. This particular model which Rolls-Royce is building will operate in the Faroe Islands and will transport live Atlantic salmon from Bakkafrost’s pens to on-shore processing factories.

According to Anders Almestad of Rolls-Royce, “With this design, Bakkafrost will enter into a new era when it comes to quality, capacity, comfort and environmental considerations.”

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