There might be strong demand for TFT LCD technology in the market right now, but apparently Samsung is of the view that OLED will continue to tout the advantages of its technology in the market despite rising demand for TFT LCD technology. The latest from Taiwanese trade publication Digitimes suggests that Samsung Display is going to increase the OLED panel production capacity by 33 percent in 2014. Market observers cited in the report believe that the OLED market is going to be worth upwards of $450 million in 2014, up nearly $100 million from $350 million in 2014.

The report also claims that Samsung is planning to extend the use of OLED panels in its smartphones and TV, this might be true after all. It was reported a few weeks back that the company wants to bring back OLED tablets. Samsung is rumored to launch multiple OLED tablets in 2014, with display size as large as 10.5 inches. Market observers still expect demand for OLED TVs to be weak in the new year, they hold the view that Ultra HD LCD TVs will take charge of the high-end TV market instead. The 33 percent increase in OLED panel production capacity is expected to increase output from 140,000 substrates in Q4, 2013 to 177,000 substrates in Q4, 2014.

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