steam-recordSteam is popular platform for gamers when it comes to the PC, and given that Steam supports Windows, Mac, and Linux, we expect that gamers will be varied and running different operating systems. According to a recent hardware survey conducted by Steam, it has been found that Windows 7 is still the dominant operating system when it comes to gaming on the platform, with the operating system commanding a whopping 51.76% of all operating systems currently on Steam. This is an increase of 0.33% from October. However it looks like Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 is slowly catching up and now accounts for 6.34% of all Steam users when combining both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

This is compared to back in October when Windows 8.1 users only accounted for 1.92% of all Steam gamers. This also puts them ahead of other operating systems, such as Linux and Apple’s Mac OS X, but at the same time they are still slightly behind Windows XP users, which we’re sure will be changing in the next survey released by them. In the past Valve’s co-founder, Gabe Newell, expressed his distaste for the Windows 8 operating system, calling it a “catastrophe”, which at that time seemed to justify Valve’s efforts at further developing Steam for Linux.

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