image_thumb33The Microsoft Windows Phone platform is definitely not one of the most popular around. Given the enormous shadow that iOS and Android have cast, it would be hard for Windows Phone and any other smaller platform to step into the light, but we suppose slow and steady wins the race. According to the latest Comscore figures ending in October 2013, it has been revealed that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has managed to gain some extra ground in the US market, growing by 0.2%, which has suggested that the platform saw almost half a million US users hop aboard the Windows Phone bandwagon in the past few months.

Comscore’s numbers also revealed that during those months, pretty much every platform grew, save for BlackBerry which actually dipped by 0.7%, and Symbian which is about to be phased out anyway. While it’s safe to assume that iOS and Android are popular all over the world, the same can’t be said for Windows Phone. The platform has not exactly been doing well in the US, but over in the Asia and Europe region, Windows Phone appears to be doing relatively well for itself and does not come across the disaster that some people would like to portray it as.

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