xiaomi-mi3While there is only one Steve Jobs, it has not stopped others from trying to mimic his style or leadership skills, and over in China, Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun has been likened to Apple’s late co-founder before, a title which he did not seem to want too much. While Xiaomi has pretty interesting and unique smartphones of their own and have managed to sell them in record breaking times, it seems that at the end of the day, Jun still believes that Apple’s iPhone is the best smartphone in the world.

This is according to an interview that Jun did with the Beijing News where Jun was quoted as saying, “iPhone is still the best smartphone on the planet […] For Xiaomi there’s a lot of space for learning and talent.” It’s good to see that CEOs such as Jun still have the ability to be humble despite his company experiencing a fair amount of success in China. For example Xiaomi is actually the fifth most used smartphone brand in China, losing higher positions to the likes of international tech giants such as Samsung and Apple.

In fact Xiaomi is so prominent to the point where they managed to lure former Android executive, Hugo Barra, over to their team, where Barra was vowed to transform Xiaomi into the next Google or Amazon.

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