It does seem as though Microsoft, too, wants to jump aboard the voice assistant bandwagon. I do wonder how will Apple’s Siri see this particular development – will they lean more toward being reactive, or will continue to innovate regardless of what the ‘competition’ have in store? Only time will be able to tell, but the latest rumor to roll off the mill points to Microsoft possibly developing a voice assistant that is not too far away from the likes of Google Now as well as Siri. Known as Cortana, this voice assistant for the Windows Phone platform has allegedly been spotted in action on a video that is shown above.


The thing about the video is, the quality itself is far from impressive. In fact, it would not be out of place to label it as terrible, since the person who shot it did not manage to capture the device’s screen in its entirety, making it extremely hard to listen to what the voice is saying. One can barely make out the words, although it does seem as though it is offering directions to the user. Either it has been shot in a hurry or the person recording it has not been given any authorization to do so, hence the covert nature. It remains to be seen whether this video’s content is the real deal or not, so we will just play the patience card before seeing this rumor debunked or come to fruition.

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