apple-logo3According to a certain Chinese analyst, Sun Chyang Xu, it seems that the folks over at Apple has penciled plans to introduce the next generation iPhone (which will be called the iPhone 6 for now to make things easier to comprehend), where it will arrive with a 4.7” screen later this June. Apart from that, production for this particular smartphone from Cupertino is also touted to kick off sometime later this May. The thing about this larger display is, it will still have the same pixel density that is available on the existing flagship iPhone, the iPhone 5s – at least according to Sun.

Other than that, there are whispers that this will be the year when Apple moves in to the phablet territory – that is, to introduce a larger 5.7” iPhone that is touted to arrive with a higher resolution count. It remains to be seen whether either one or two of these smartphones will arrive with the new VCM OIS patents that made its rounds earlier this year.

I guess we should soon see leaks of purported iPhone 6 models that will arrive in two different sizes, and if the dates for its production and release happen to be spot on, it would not be surprising at all since Apple’s WWDC event would kick off later this June 10. Do you think that Apple needs at least two iPhone models in the market?

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