14.01.06-Red_FridayFor those of Chinese descent (such as myself), the Lunar New Year is a pretty big deal and for 2014, it is taking place towards the end of the month. As with Christmas and other festive holidays celebrated around the world, shopping sprees typically predate the events themselves as most of us would rush out to get new clothes, new shoes, and gifts for friends and families that we might visit or who might be coming over. We’re not sure if giving away iPods or iPhones is considered to be tradition, but either way Apple is looking to celebrate the Lunar New Year with the rest of the world as they have recently announced their Red Friday sale which is taking place on the 10th of January, weeks before the actual festivities begin.

We guess in a way this Red Friday sale is somewhat similar to Black Friday, except that “red” is considered to be an auspicious color amongst the Chinese. Apple will be offering discounts both in-store and on their online store as well, but unfortunately these Red Friday sales will be limited to select markets where the Lunar New Year might be considered to be a pretty big deal. This includes markets such as China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. It is unclear as to how big of a discount Apple might be offering, but considering that the number “8” is also an auspicious figure, perhaps Apple might take advantage of that!

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