The eNano Health Kiss and Tell system can be used by diabetes patients to check how their sugar levels changes two hours after eating. Originally introduced as a prototype in 2015, the system won a number of awards in Asia because it does not require a blood draw and is affordable. You can see different versions of the sensor, starting from the bigger and earlier ones on the left, to the most recent one on the right. 

In 2016, a second version was introduced to simplify the process which was already relatively easy, but not foolproof. In 2017, a third version was recently introduced to make it even simpler. Now, the patients just need to keep the sampler in their mouth for a short moment and that’s it.

I met with Winnie Lun Yuet-seung at the GlobalSources Startup Launchpad in Hong Kong. She is the chief executive and founder of eNano Health ,and she showed me the different version of the Kiss and Tell, the latest one being the smaller and easiest to use.

The device has two main advantages: it is easy and very affordable. It could remove a lot of usage friction not only for people with diabetes, but for those at risk of diabetes. Many people are potentially at risk, but they don’t know it because they don’t measure their sugar levels. If caught early on, early symptoms can be managed through lifestyle changes instead of medications.

This product We are not close from an availability in the U.S since the company has not yet filed for FDA approval (they are working on it). Winnie Lun Yuet-seung said that the company and system got the ISO 13485 certification, which sets a standard for design and manufacturing of medical devices.

eNano health is also working on a comprehensive cloud platform to gather the data and let patients/users share it with their doctors. Since this is heavily regulated, it’s fair to expect more certifications to be required for various regions of the globe.

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