A couple of days back we were treated to a new music streaming service, developed by the company that’s commonly known for its premium audio products. Beats Music launch saw great consumer interest, at least according to the company, interest that pushed its iOS app to the #1 spot in the Music category on the App Store. That’s all good, but it appears that the influx of new subscribers has caused a few issues, which is why Beats Music has now confirmed that it will no longer be allowing new subscribers to sign up for the time being, until its able to fix said issues.

Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers said that while most users are unaffected, the company’s priority is to provide everyone with a “great experience,” which is why its holding off on letting more people in. Rogers claims that they had prepared for something like this to happen, and until its put in action, people won’t be allowed to subscribe. Those who were able to get in will be able to use the service without any issues, people looking to sign up can download the app and register, then wait for Beats Music to invite them back in. To make up for this, Beats Music is offering an additional free seven day trial to all those who download the app within this week. By default, all subscribers receive a seven day free trial, after which they are asked to pay $9.99 per month to retain access to Beats Music’s library of over 20 million songs.

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