beats_music_signupsIf you haven’t updated your iOS device already, you should. Apple has just released iOS 8.4 and with the update, they are also bringing Apple Music to iOS owners around the world. However it also seems that with the launch of Apple Music, the demise of Beats Music has begun.

According to reports, it seems that Beats Music is no longer accepting new signups. As you can see in the screenshot above, the image to the left is the previous version of Beats Music for Android where users could sign up for the service. The image to the right is the updated version of Beats Music which as you can see, no longer has that option.

Instead it will only allow users to sign into their accounts, assuming that they have one. This change has also been applied to the Beats Music website in which users can only login and cannot make a new account. Presumably this is to shift users towards signing up for Apple Music, although we’re not sure how Apple will transition Beats Music users to Apple Music later on.

This is also bad news for Android users since Apple Music has yet to be released on their platform. Now Apple did state that they will release it for Android but that will only be happening in the fall, so for now Android users will have to turn to alternatives such as Spotify if they want to get their music streaming on.

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