BlackBerry-LogoAccording to the rumors from earlier, it was suggested that BlackBerry could announce BlackBerry 10.2.1 come 28th of January. Given that it’s been a while since we last saw a major BlackBerry update, we guess it wouldn’t be completely out of the question to think that BlackBerry would have something new to announce. In any case it looks like the rumors have proven to be true because according to the folks at N4BB, they have received an email from BlackBerry in which it was revealed that the launch of BlackBerry 10.2.1 would be taking place on the 29th of January.


However it should be noted that the 29th of January date is for Australia, meaning that taking into consideration the different timezones, it would essentially be the 28th of January over in the US, thus corroborating the rumor. The full list of features and changes that will be made to the BlackBerry platform in 10.2.1 remain unknown for now, but one of the main features so far would be its ability to directly download and install Android APKs. This means that BlackBerry users will be able to get their hands on Android apps without having to sideload them which might be a challenge for those not so technically savvy.

While we might now know the launch date of the update, it is unclear when the update will be pushed out to your BlackBerry smartphone as it is probably subject to carrier approval, but check back with us and we will keep an eye out for those updates!

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