DIR-510L-travel-router[CES 2014] With the explosion of smart devices connecting over WiFi, having travel routers have gone from being a superfluous element to being money-saving objects. Since many hotels charge “per device”, I have seen quite a few people get into situations where they got charged separately for the laptop, smartphone and tablet in the same room. The D-Link WiFi AC750 has been created exactly to avoid these types of situations by letting you share an internet connection (3G, WiFi or Ethernet) with all your devices.dlink-DIR-510L-sharingI haven’t used a 3G/LTE USB for a very long time, so I’m not sure how good it really is, but sharing a WiFi or an Ethernet connection is quite a common thing to do. This is particularly true since hotels have started to remove Ethernet plugs in their room, and many places like airports or conferences do not offer wired Ethernet connectivity at all.

Finally, the DIR-510L can also be used to share files over its own local network. That can be handy to stream content to multiple devices, but also if you want to share some documents with friends or colleagues over a quick meeting or work session. The cherry on the cake is that D-Link has added a big 4000mAh battery to not only make the router portable, but also to charge your smartphone if the need arises.

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