phoenix-dota2We did talk about Terrorblade yesterday which will make a debut over in DotA 2, and here we are with confirmation of Phoenix as another DotA 2 addition, which will be part of the New Bloom Festival on its third day of the reveal. It was pretty much a no-brainer or an ‘open secret’ if you want to call it that, considering how Valve was not exactly being conspicuous about the Phoenix after dropping hints concerning rebirth and renewal. While it is not exactly that huge a surprise, it should still generate a fair amount of excitement and buzz as the Phoenix/Icarus finally makes its way to the DotA 2 roster.

In this DotA 2 version, the Phoenix will continue to exhibit the very same quartet of skills that was first spotted in DotA, not only in name and effects. This would certainly be a comforting though, since familiarity does not breed contempt in this case. Valve’s skill descriptions happen to be a whole lot more concise this time around, but the similarities remain, including Icarus Dive and Supernova. The former would let you swoop forward in a fierce arc, slowing and damaging all enemies in your path, while Supernova lets the Phoenix end up as a core of fusing energy which will burn nearby enemies. Should you be allowed to detonate, you will deliver a hammer blow to foes while renewing your strength.

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