dotaWhile there might be courses offered in university that teaches students how to make computer games, with the rise of computers games being seen as a possible professional career, it seems that one can even study about them. Over in China, the Chongqing Energy College has recently started to offer its students a course in Defense of the Ancients.

Those who enjoy the MOBA genre will probably recognize the name in its abbreviated form – DotA. The course has been titled “Recent Development of Electronic Sports and Analysis of DOTA” although based on the wording, we can’t be sure if this will cover Valve’s DotA 2, which to be honest could be a more interesting topic to study, especially with The International 4 tournament raising millions in cash for prize money.

In any case the class is said to be limited to just 90 students, but given how popular the MOBA genre is in China, with some of the top teams being from China, we’re guessing that the class will most likely fill up pretty fast. Now the class isn’t so much about learning how to be a better DotA player, but rather taking the strategies players use in DotA and applying it to real-life situations.

Given that strategic thinking is important when it comes to making important decisions whether it is in business or in life, it could prove to be a rather useful course, but what say you? Is this a class you’d gladly sign up for?

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