Dota 2 is the most-played game on Steam in the MOBA genre. It is no shock that the game is available for free and offers a big learning curve while making it addictive to a gamer.

Even though Valve is known to push a minor or balanced update for their games, Dota 2’s new update might say a different story.

‘The Outlanders’ update on Dota 2 is shockingly huge. Overall, it adds two new heroes – Snapfire and Void Spirit.

But, it involves way more changes that you could ever expect.

The exact technical update is known as the 7.23 gameplay update which contains a lot of changes to the mechanics and items available along with a neutral unit balance.

If you play Dota 2, you probably know what the changes are – but for some, it may be the best update ever and on the other hand, some gamers seem to be annoyed by the update.

Of course, the changes that you can spot in their official blog post is a long list of tweaks, the opinion on how it affects/improves the game is definitely subjective.

You can also find a new neutral building type outposts as an enhancement to the previous version. The update brings in a massive change, if you are interested to learn the whole thing, we suggest you check out the official changelog.

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