droneshieldDrones could very well end up as the next big thing, as we have seen some pretty interesting drones make an appearance in recent times. The thing is, a new question concerning the privacy of folks around you is raised – will drones that are equipped with high resolution cameras be able to infringe on your neighbor’s quiet time as he or she lazes by the pool, sunbathing while your drone hovers over their property? I suppose to each problem there is a solution, and the Drone Shield system might be here to stay if drones take off among the masses.

The Drone Shield could help one avoid potential security breaches, where it comes in the form of a portable black box which will perk its digital “ears” to listen for drones that are flying in the air, followed by alerting the owner should one (or more) be nearby. I would think that this is useless against the military class drones since those fly a whole lot higher and could feature classified stealth technology, so terrorists living in a cave somewhere might want to give the Drone Shield a miss.

The Drone Shield has been specially designed to pick up the characteristic acoustic signatures of various drones, being accurate enough to ignore ambient noise that is created by loud gardening equipment, including the likes of lawn mowers and leaf blowers. The asking price stands at $100 a pop if you’re interested. [Product Page]

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