enlighten-11014When driving it is important to keep your focus on the road and to watch out for other cars or pedestrians, which is why it is considered illegal to talk on the phone as it distracts you. That being said sometimes being focused for long periods of time can be quite draining and that’s where the EnLighten app comes into play. Designed by the folks at Green Drive, the idea behind EnLighten is to help drivers “relax” at traffic lights by alerting them when the light has turned green and it is time to start moving again. We’re not sure how much help this is given that sometimes traffic lights are only red for a minute or two, but we suppose to some, every second counts.

If you’re wondering how EnLighten knows when to alert you, it is because the app uses its own algorithm to calculate how much time the light has left to turn green, and also because it syncs with your city’s traffic light system. This also means that EnLighten will not work all around the world just yet. As it stands, the app will work in cities such as Portland, Oregon; Eugene, Oregon; Pasadena, California; Arcadia, California; San Jose, California; Salt Lake City, Utah; Provo, Utah; Garland, Texas and Las Vegas, with more to be added later on in the year. It sounds like a pretty clever idea and while it is nice to be alerted to when the lights turn green, to be on the safe side you should probably check the lights themselves as well to see if it matches with the app’s alerts.

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