gamepad-berryworldA certain Paul Bernhardt from BlackBerry’s Developer Relations team made an announcement that BlackBerry World will feature a “Gamepad Compatible” category. Just what does this entail for the end user? Apparently, games in BB’s app store which features gamepad compatibility will also be lumped together in this particular category. Chances are, BlackBerry has a soft spot for physical buttons – after all this while, they still push out devices that arrive with a full fledged QWERTY keyboard, which could be why they are asking developers to churn out more games that are compatible with a controller. Other than the existing Gamepad API, BlackBerry did offer free MOGA Pro and SteelSeries controllers for BB 10 game developers last year, which will hopefully help these developers to include full controller support into their games prior to hitting the market.


Which school of thought are you in? Do you like a physical controller whenever you game, or do you prefer a full touchscreen experience? I personally prefer the former as it lets me see all that I want to see on the display itself, without having any pesky fingers or thumbs blocking any of the on-screen action.

Existing owners of the BB Z10, Z30, Q10, and Q5 smartphones which are powered by BB 10.1 or later will be able to make use of the MOGA Hero Power, MOGA Pro Power, the SteelSeries mobile wireless controller, Gametel’s Bluetooth gamepad, and the Nintendo Wii-mote.

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