google-free-rideWho would have thought that a company which specializes in online search would have grown to such an extent over the years, so much so that they have their ‘tentacles’ in just about any and every situation? Google, the name that is synonymous with search and the very interesting Google Glass, is currently mulling over the possibility of arranging transportation for customers who actually want to pay a visit to its advertisers’ stores. Of course, there will be terms and conditions attached to this particular offer, since it would not make sense for everyone to be eligible. Google will take your personal information into consideration, including the place where you stay, your job, purchase history and others, before finalizing on the kind of ride that you will be hopping on.

I would say that if you are already an avid user of Google’s services to date, they pretty much know more about you than even some of your own family based on your online presence and activities. Apart from that, we do look forward to the possibility of being ferried back home with bags full of groceries in one of Google’s self-driving cars. This particular idea might never actually take off the ground, but who knows? With the patent in Google’s pocket, they might pull this out anytime they like when the situation is ripe.

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