There has been a lot of speculation about Google Glass and when the company is finally going to open it up to the public. The first wave of Glass units were offered for sale to select “Explorers.” Over the past year Google gradually opened up its Explorer program to more and more people. Earlier this week the company allowed Google Play Music All Access subscribers to purchase Glass, a sign that its gearing for a public launch. It is expected that Google Glass might be launched for the public in April 2014, and that it may be priced at $600.

There’s no doubt in the fact that Google can’t charge for Glass what it requires Explorers to pay for their units, $1,500. The average consumer is probably not going to want to pay an exuberant amount for a smart glass, despite the fact that it is probably one of the most hyped wearable device out there. The price of Google’s wearable device has been debated a lot, some believe it is imperative for the company to keep it under $500 if it wants to attract the average consumer. Robert Scoble hears that its more likely for Glass to be priced around $600, what effect that would have on prospective buyers, only time will tell.

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