gta-5-patchWhen GTA 5 was announced, the lack of PC support was surprising given that previous GTA games have been released on the PC along with console as well. Rockstar has not announced anything and claimed that they had nothing to share about GTA 5 for the PC for now, but that did not stop gamers from creating a petition which has since well-exceeded half a million signatures. It also did not do anything to stop the rumors from spreading that the PC version of GTA 5 would be released this year. Well the good news is that thanks to an alleged GTA 5 bug report from Rockstar (via PC Gamer), it seems that there have been several references to GTA 5 for the PC being made, suggesting that at the very least GTA 5 for the PC is being worked on.

The reports make references to the PC and mentions both 32 and 64-bit operating systems as well as note on DirectX 11. There’s no way of telling if these bug reports are the real deal, but at the same time we highly doubt Rockstar would cut off their PC gaming segment entirely either as it would no doubt alienate a ton of gamers who might not own consoles, or who would rather get the game for their PC instead. It has been speculated that the PC version of GTA 5 will see a release sometime in March, so hopefully that means it won’t be too long until we learn more about it. In the meantime who’s excited at GTA 5 for the PC?

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