honda-ev-chargerHave you played the game Carmageddon before? If you have answered in the affirmative, how did you find that particular title pan out? It was not too tasteful actually in my opinion, and there are far better games out there to play with. Honda, the Japanese automobile manufacturer, has come up with the first automatic braking system in the world which is capable of ensuring that a fast traveling vehicle of up to 60kph will be able to stop so that it will not end up colliding with a pedestrian. I am quite sure that Honda themselves are not the only ones working on implementing such technology, as other badges are doing it, too.

This automatic braking system will rely on a combination of millimeter wave radar as well as a high-resolution camera so that it is able to identify pedestrians sooner rather than later, compared to conventional braking systems. At 60kph as mentioned earlier, this is twice as fast as similar systems which have been worked upon by other automakers. Honda hopes to begin installation of this new braking system in its Legend luxury sedan which is tipped for a 2014 release, although pricing details have yet to be determined. One thing’s for sure – such automated braking systems will definitely be a boon to the self-driving car vision in the long run.

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